The history

2018 - Kayak and Puffins is founded

After being an owner of a kayak for almost 20 years and paddling around the beautiful coastline of the Vestmannaeyjar / Westman Islands countless times, Egill Arnar Arngrímsson dreamt about starting his own kayak business. He wanted to give others the chance to experience the magnificent beauty and nature of the Vestmannaeyjar  /  Westman Islands with its caves, puffins and marine life.

2021 - A new start

In 2021, a young enthusiastic couple took over. Ewa Malinowska and Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan moved to Vestmannaeyjar / Westman Island in 2020. They have worked with SeaLife-Beluga Whale Sanctuary, Náttúrustofa Suðurlands-South Iceland Nature Research Centre and Háskóli Íslands – University of Iceland and they have been inspired by the beauty, nature and abundance of wildlife of the archipelago .
The team