What should I wear for the tour?

Weather in Iceland is unpredictable and rather chill, even in summer. Sea water temperature never reaches more than 13°C / 55.4°F and you might feel a bit colder than on land. We recommend you to wear warm and comfortable clothing. A fleece, pants, hat or bandana and double socks. Same clothing as for any outdoor activity.

Will I get wet?

Kayaking is a water sport, so contact with water is expected. However, we provide a drysuit, neoprene boots and gloves. We recommend you to bring spare clothing, specially socks  as you might get in contact with water when you are entering or leaving the kayak at the harbour or will get some splashes or drops while paddling.

Can I bring my phone / camera or personal belongings?

Our guides carry a digital camera to make the experience more memorable. We do understand that you would like to bring your own equipment and we encourage you to do so. There are 3 watertight compartments available in the kayaks, where you can place your camera or other items, plus a water-resistant phone case if necessary. However, we do not take any responsibility for any damage that your items might suffer during the activity, so be careful!

How experienced do you have to be to do the kayak tour?

The kayak tours around Vestmannaeyjar are designed for the general public. Some stamina is required to be able to paddle back and for for 1.5-2 hours. But our tours are not a race! They are thought to enjoy the scenery and wildlife at a slow pace. As we say in Vestmannaeyjar, if you are able to climb any of our volcanos (even the tiniest), you are good to go!

Are there any limits for the tours?

We do have an age limit of 14 years old for our classic tour. The sit-on top kayaks are designed to support a maximum weight of 130 kg. / 286 lbs.

What kind of kayaks do you use for the tours?

The type of kayaks we use are called sit-on top kayaks. They are 4 m/ 13.1 feet. long and 0.78 m / 2.5 feet wide and they come with a 2-piece lightweight paddle, a standard seat and a foot-controlled rudder system, to ease the steering during the trip.

What happens if my kayak flips over?

Wouldn’t it be fun?

Sit on top kayaks are very stable, so chances of yours flipping over are very low. We operate our tours in locations sheltered from big waves and only when weather conditions are good. Life jackets are provided and our guests have to wear them during the whole extension of the tour. Our guides are trained to assist you if any situation occurs, so stay calm and wait for help.

What is included in the price?

Our tours are always guided by an experienced staff member who will accompany you in this experience and will share knowledge and fun facts about the island, nature, geology and wildlife in Vestmannaeyjar. We provide a drysuit, life jackets, neoprene boots and gloves and water-resistant phone case.

Are sightings of puffins guaranteed?

Puffins are nesting around Klettsvik bay from May to August. Their burrows are located on top of the cliffs and it is very common to see them resting on the water or flying above our heads. However, the breeding season has its own rhythm and puffins are more or less active depending on many factors, so we cannot guarantee puffins sightings. Although the bay is full with many other species, such as eider ducks, guillemots, oystercatchers or seals, wildlife is wildlife and it is always unpredictable!

Are we going to see belugas?

During the trips to Klettsvik, we are going to kayak by the SeaLife-Beluga Marine Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a protected zone where vessels or any other marine transportation are not allowed in order to avoid any disturbance and protect the whales, so we will keep the distance. Kayak & Puffins respect the rules set by SeaLife and we will follow instructions from their staff members on each trip. Belugas might be difficult to spot due to their lack of dorsal fins, but the acoustic characteristics of the bay make their breath very noticeable when they surface.

Be aware that Belugas might be temporarily located at the indoor facilities for health and safety reasons. Feel free to contact us at info@kayakandpuffins.is if you want to know more.

To learn about the SeaLife Beluga Sanctuary, visit here