Kayaking in beautiful Klettsvík Bay with puffins and other seabirds is truly an amazing experience.

Kayak & Puffins Klettsvik tour

Kayak & Puffins offers a 1.5 hour guided tour around the magnificent Klettsvík Bay in the Westman Islands off the southwest coast of Iceland. We start the trip from the small harbor in Heimaey.

From there we will paddle our way to Langa, which is a sandy beach at the foot of the small mountain Heimaklettur.

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Puffling season

The summer is coming to an end and this season has been a roller-coaster. After two years of great breeding success in the puffin colonies located in Vestmannaeyjar, this year researchers from Náttúrustofa Suðurlands have found disturbing news. The burrow occupancy of the colonies in Heimaey (main island in Vestmannaeyjar archipelago) was ~70% and the…

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Puffins are back!

Like every year, the begging of spring is heavily marked by the return of the main bird species to Iceland. The golden plover (lóa) is widely celebrated across the country and it is searched along the south coast by avid birdwatchers. This year, it was found by the 20th of March (link). Another iconic species…

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Kayaking in Vestmannaeyjar, 2022

Kayak & Puffins is organizing the new season for 2022. This year we have decided to keep the most popular route in the island: Klettsvík bay. The breathtaking cliffs, secret caves, a black church and the beluga sanctuary are the highlights of this route. Additionally, we are passionate photographers and we want to share with…

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